Saturday, August 20, 2011

SoFoBoMo like a MoFo

You know what's great about the internet besides cat videos and illegal Cat Power downloads and hipster kitty? Oh, you've never heard of hipster kitty? Yeah, I figured you probably wouldn't have. But I digress, where was I?

Ah yes, the greatest (non-cat related) thing about the internet is that there's always some organization hosting an activity that you can participate in. And it almost always has a stupid cutesy name. It's like a singles mixer for shut-ins - so it's sad, but at least you can be alone in your sorrow, which is way less awkward.

Like right now; it's SoFoBoMo time! You get 31 days from July through August to produce a pdf proof of a photo book. Yes, I realize that July through August is actually 62 days, but they have some silly rules I didn't really bother reading, and the point isn't to count days, it's to get off your ass and do something. That something is take pictures. Then you get right back on your ass and get those pics into your computer. So it's like shit you would do anyway, only this time instead of taking pictures of everyone drunk at your class reunion, you take pictures of clouds or fields or shorelines or something. Is it really to much for the internet to ask that you stop behaving like a complete Philistine for a month or so out of your life?

On the SoFoBoMo site, there are links to projects that past and current participants have completed and uploaded. Some are so good that they make you want to just give up before you even get started. Many, however, have an more encouraging "Hey, I could do that!" quality to them.

So why not give it a shot? At least it'll give you something to do while waiting for this video to load.

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