Monday, July 14, 2014

Drawing Is Super Hard

So, we decided to write a graphic novel. Or, well, maybe it's more of a manga, we don't know. It's like a comic book, with several issues, at any rate.

The point is, it's complicated. And especially so, given that we cannot draw. We have been told our stick figures look rudimentary and amateurish.

Serious, honest-to-god, actual sample. Stop laughing; it's not funny.

Luckily, we thrive on challenge.  So what we ended up doing is writing a script, which is totally a thing that one can do.  Check out this guide from Dark Horse Comics.  Three issues are scripted and ready to be drawn - it's about a couple of kids who have to stop visitors from another dimension who are making all of the stars go out. Now we just need to find an artist willing to work for percentages. Which almost none of them are, so...we'll have to get creative and figure something out. Anyone know anyone?