Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Gays Soldier Videos That Will Make You Cry

An interesting juxtaposition of videos, contrasting the bravery of US soldiers who lay their lives on the line for the rest of us...

...and of the people who cynically pander to the country using the troops as props to progress their own divisive, heartless agendas...

Not one of the GOP candidates chastised the people booing in the audience.  So I guess it's support our troops unless they're gay.  If they're gay, hopefully they'll go into a coma and die without insurance or Rick Perry will just execute them.  Don't look now, Rick, but Georgia is starting to catch up with your death toll!

Friday, September 2, 2011

SoFoBoMo Uh Oh!


At least I can take some comfort that the failure was of a technical rather than artistic nature. I did get the SoFoBoMo picture book project done; unfortunately, the file size of my completed PDF was about 4 times the maximum file upload size. I'm by no means a Gimp expert, and the time and effort it would have taken to shrink all 35 pictures down enough to meet the file size requirements were imposing enough to convince me to bail.

Now, an important part of goal-setting is to leave yourself open to the possibility of public ridicule, and so I once again declare: failure. Hoist the failure sails. Worse yet, in the interest of public humiliation, a link to my completed photo book.

I'm actually fairly happy with many of the pictures.

But oh, the words. The stupid little words. The hardest part of this whole picture book experience was the words. That what I spent the most time on, and it's the part I'm least happy with.  Please, just don't read'll just embarrass us both.